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Aluminium and stainless steel headphone stands. Always with stainless steel cable holder.


Is another headphone stand needed in the market? That was the first question we asked ourselves. The answer was simple – YES! Anyone who cares for their beloved Hi-Fi headphones understands the importance of presenting them properly and being assured of their safety when not in use. The stand must be perfectly thought out, designed, and executed – with attention to every detail. Perfect size even for large headphones, equipped with a cable organizer, special non-slip feet, impressive total weight guaranteeing stability, perfect balance, and made from only high-quality materials – all this confirms our slogan: a safe haven for your headphones. We know that you are a customer that values unique design and quality workmanship from the finest materials (aluminium and stainless steel). Perfect functionality complements the characteristics of an ideal stand. Yes, this is the product for you.

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From the design phase, it was obvious to us that the final product had to be made from the finest materials. Hence the obvious choice of aluminium and stainless steel – materials strongly associated with the audio market. Aluminium, with a thickness of 12 and 15mm, provides a sense of solidity and stability. The hanger’s headpiece has been specially designed and tailor-made for us, also from aluminium. The optimal radius, arc length, and recesses not only securely hold the headphones, but they also allow for proper ventilation of the headband. Connectors and hooks made from stainless steel, based on our design, complete the setup. Their shape facilitates the organization and suspension of the cable once the listening session is over. Aluminium is a precious metal, and its alloys respond differently to the anodizing process. We have no control over this- the variability in its appearance, depending on the play of light and the placement within the structure of magnesium, sulfur, and silicon – the component elements of the alloy used decide its natural properties. This is a distinctive feature, not a defect.

The product, due to its weight and shape, should be handled with care. Our products are intended solely for the presented purpose, namely to hang headphones on them. We are not responsible for any incorrect use. The maximum shelf load amounts to 5 kg.


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